Welcome to David Dewing Photography!

I specialize in Real Estate and Architectural photography. I enjoy living in Thousand Oaks and working in my community. I shoot a wide variety of home styles and commercial buildings. I enjoy creating great photographs that really show off a property so it can get the maximum attention needed from buyers. I have worked for dozens of real estate agents and builders, contractors, attorneys over the years and I know what they expect. Nothing beats hard work and work that you care about. Great photographs get attention first! People searching the web usually click on professional photos first to view a listing or advertisement. A great photograph can make you feel wow, what a shot! Please look around my site and view the many different photographs I have done. Hopefully you will find a Wow photo!

I also shoot head shots for those who need a professional look for their website and business. I have been privileged to shoot events for companies, church, friends and more. I have found there is a story out there waiting for me and my camera to catch in the best light. Often the least expected scene turns out to be the best.

Price/Service Sheet:

I have basically two territories that I consistently work in. One is mostly Ventura County and the other is areas of Los Angeles. I have a price sheets for each territory. Give me a call or send me an email and I will gladly send them to you. I base my real estate prices on the square footage of the house. I give as many photographs as needed to view the home and property.

I can also send you my price sheet for head shot photography.

If you have a special project and you need the event/product or things photographed, give me a call and I will be happy to discuss it with you and tell you what I can offer. Sometimes the different projects turn out to be the most rewarding.

Photography Services Provided

• Real Estate

• Virtual Tours

• Architectural

• Drone aerial photography/video

• Events/ Special Projects

• Head Shots

Sports Photography

Please give me a call discuss whatever you would like photographed!

805-807-6268                                Email: Dewing1@roadrunner.com

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